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Have you gotten to a point where you feel your life is at as take?Well, that was me before I met Abu. I had searched a long time for a good photographer to expand my portfolio but nothing was working. After all, patience is the key. My first time meeting him was at wagon photoshoot which basically was my second photo shoot with different photographers. The whole experience was like a dream come true.

I had never felt so comfortable and excited to work with a photographer like that. He really blew my mind away. He is not like other photographers who deny a model suggestion of an idea, and usually say they know what they are doing. I mean, that whole idea drives me crazy.He is a contrast to many photographers out there. He puts his art of observation and finding something interesting in an ordinary place. He also connects a way of feeling, of touching, of loving and takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.His work is magnificent. I love the fact that his photo shoot can be done in anyplace, and he knows that will be a good capture of his work. If you haven’t found an outstanding photographer who has brilliant crazy ideas, I would recommend you to come and meet him.

I am an aspiring model, but after I had taken couple shoot with him, I was beyond speechless. I had no words all; I kept on saying “damn”. Not only the photo shoot, I have also known him as a good adviser. He is not only a photographer but you can count him as a great organizer of fashion shows. If you haven’t been into one, you better take a step and attend and see for yourself. His whole organization makes the audience so eager and as for the models to step on the floor and kill it. I have very high respect for him, and thank God for allowing me the chance to meet him.

He opens up ideas and allows others to share their own ideas during a photo shoot or doing a fashion show, and had found this to be of great success. If you have to do a photo shoot and if it is your first time,believe me you will have a blast. You will always want to go for more.Like they say always appreciate others and appreciate what God had blessed you with, you will have a happy time and know it was meant to be.