When I’m not acting as the face of the studio, the customer service representative, social media manager, bookkeeper, marketing executive, photographer behind VQ1Studio, you can most likely find me working my nine to five job, doing my volunteer work with Higher Ground Int., watching the Voice, or This is Us the TV show.

Born and raised in Liberia (West Africa), moved to the United States at age fourteen with thoughts of wanting to be a pilot, I guess because my mother was a flight attendant. So, the idea quickly changed once I enter school. My new environment changed what I was passionate about before moving to the states which were okay.

In 1999, I enrolled in a photography class at the community college of Rhode Island after realizing my first two years of college wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be. After one semester and shadowing an established photographer for two to three years, VQ1Studio was born. I enrolled back to college years later and received my MBA in Global leadership/Marketing because my college journey wasn’t complete. 

I currently live in Providence, RI and have a studio in Pawtucket a town over. I am a lover of the arts, always interested in meeting new people, and love multitasking. I’m passionate about doing something right the first time so I don't have to do it again. I find myself saying “cool” a lot, and my friends tease me at times about that. I do have a fantastic sense of humor and might be the one joking at a shoot or teaching you how it takes two to create a great image. I’m a lover of all cultures and love to try a new food if given the chance.

As a photographer, I have served a wide array of clients from various background/ethnicity, organizations, and industries locally and out of state. I have also donated my services and volunteer my time to causes that have help and are willing to help my community grow and gain access to another outlet that is not promoted to the community. 

I would love to know a bit about you, rejoice with you, document your best moments, and embrace your love story. If you would like me to experience part of your journey, reach out to me anytime.