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Having worked with Abdul (v-quest photography) on several shoots has been an exciting experience. He has an eye for beauty and is talented in captivating the right look. What I think separates him from other photographers is his wiliness to explore outside of the norm.

Abdul is very creative; he develops his own ideas and executes them marvelously on camera. He takes great actions shots, and his ability to discover a models perfect angles and positions makes him an easy photographer to work with. He is very flexible, he makes room for a model to make suggestions and during the shoot he makes you feel comfortable and allows the model to express his or her talents.

He motivates you to try new positions, like facial expressions and using specific body languages to express explicit emotions. Abdul is a phenomenal photographer, being that he is younger than most photographers, makes him more willing to venture out, take risks and show his ever growing passion for photography. Abdul is never dull every shoot is different from the next and his definition of art is so different from other photographers. He concentrates on the beauty of the unusual. Having worked with him in three shoots thus far all in different locations as a model, I have been able to expand my portfolio and create significantly different photos which has enabled me to grow as a model.Being photographed by Abdul is all together an adventurous experience.I have been able to express my inner creativity at the same time bringing into pictures Abdul’s visions.V-quest the quest for your inner talent photographed by a photographer whom will bring that into life...